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We are building a generational company with Australian journalism at its core.

Scire, meaning ‘to know’, publishes original journalism that gives readers an information advantage. Our titles are outward-looking, not parochial; forward-facing, not anchored in the past; dynamic, not staid; and built around trust and transparency.

Our journalists break news down and don’t beat it up. They have practical experience working in their coverage areas, with no agenda other than to present fair, accurate, and relevant reporting.

Our team believes in the business of journalism. Our founders, with deep experience in Australian media, believe in the opportunity to break through the current oligopoly and add to the national discourse.

Our flagship title, Capital Brief, is redefining Australian business coverage for those shaping the country: founders and executives who need capital to grow their businesses, the people who help them get it, investors who allocate it, and decision makers in the federal capital, Canberra.

We invite you to explore our reporting or learn about our career or partnership opportunities.

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